About Rocklyn

Who is Rockyln? She is the one and only to call to remove all of those unwanted arena rocks.

Miss Rocklyn has proven herself as a machine that delivers year in, year out. Designed with few moving parts, as well as extremely durable components. Rocklyn THE Arena Rock Removal remains rock solid.

We’ll pull into your existing arena and allow Rockyln to do her thing…Pick up rocks. With her pristine design, she is able to pick up a variety of rock sizes, as small as 3/8 going up to 6 inches deep of the surface sifting through without removing your footing.

We’ll gather the rock and neatly pile it up for easy removal. She’s built of steel to ensure durability and consistency.

Rocklyn employs a sifting technology used to lift the existing footing from your arena on to a special/secret screen. The screen then sifts the unwanted rock from the arena, while the footing returns to the arena, and the remaining debris is deposited in the bucket.

About Rock Relief

Here at Rock Relief, we pride ourselves for having the one and ONLY Rock Relief machine. Unlike “those other companies” that claim to have an arena rock removal machine, Rocklyn is designed to remove rock specifically from arenas. She is the Queen of the arena. This is why we have a superb reputation.

Remove Unwanted Arena Rocks Today